Compared to a year or two ago, it simply isn’t as easy to get more Instagram followers.
With over 1 billion monthly users, an ultra-smart algorithm, and tons of clever, creative brands on Instagram, it’s a competitive place if you want to grow your account and boost your following.
Thankfully, we know exactly how to make your business stand out, show off your brand, and get more followers on Instagram — so you can work smarter, not harder.

We’re sharing tips to reach your target audiences and get more Instagram followers:


However, as many, as there are platforms providing people with a means to increase their sources of income, one needs to be really careful about what platforms you enroll yourself in for work. Some of these platforms are created by fraudsters who want you to do work for free or to steal your money by multiple paid subscriptions. It is crucial to enroll in a certified and trusted platform since you will be required to trust them with private information such as your mobile and bank details.

The larger your audience grows, the more opportunities you have to engage with users and create unique experiences for them.


1. Optimize Your Instagram Account

While you’re trying to figure out how to gain followers on Instagram, one of the most important steps is to have your account fully optimized. Think of your brand’s Instagram bio as the “homepage” to your account.


Without a bio, image captions, a proper username or profile image, how will people know the account belongs to your brand?This is your one spot to drive Instagram traffic to your site, so optimizing your account is essential.
Additionally, keep your username as search-friendly as possible. If your business name is longer, shorten it to something your audience would recognize. Don’t add numbers or special characters to your username.

2. Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Are you just starting to learn how to get followers on Instagram? This tactic is best for beginners. Some Instagram newbies have seen their Instagram followers increase fast. What did they do differently? They joined engagement groups.


3. Keep Content Consistent

The worst thing you can do when trying to get followers on Instagram is to irregularly post content. If you’re lucky enough to get users following you in the beginning, the last thing you want to do is make them forget they followed you in the first place.
To combat this, keep to a regular posting schedule. Typically, brands shouldn’t post more than a few times a day, but keep it consistent. Approximately 200 million Instagram users log on daily, so to cast your net even wider, try publishing a few times throughout the entire day.

4. Re-post Others’ Content

When I was starting out with social media marketing and building my store’s Instagram account, my entire posting strategy revolved around re-posting other people’s content. The only way to do this without getting flagged is to credit the original poster in your description, every time. Instagram has now updated their policy and you’re required to ask for permission before re-posting.
When I first started, I’d take screenshots and add the pictures to my Instagram. What really helped my page take off was the Re-post app. It allowed me to start re-posting video content on Instagram.
Why’d I repost other people’s content instead of posting my own?
Because I knew that it was easier to repost content. Plus, my visual and video content would never be as good as someone else’s. Hey, at least I’m honest about it!
How did I know what to repost? I’d look at the numbers.


5. Find Hashtags That Convert

One of the most tried-and-true ways to get followers on Instagram is through hashtags. For years hashtags have allowed us to extend our social reach. As a marketer, you want to build your community by gaining followers and hashtags provide just that.
Trying to highlight your Instagram content in a sea of millions of pictures and videos is not an easy thing to do.
You have to find hashtags that people in your target audience are more likely to check. If a relevant connection is made, these users will be more likely to follow your account.


6. Use Instagram Stories Templates

If you regularly post on Instagram Stories (which you should be!) you might want to start using Instagram Stories templates this year. This will help make your stories more uniform and complementary to your feed posts.
There are tons of different apps like Canva, Unfold, and Over that can help you with creating templates.


7. Instagram Stories Highlights

The highlights on your Instagram profile give you an opportunity to court new followers with your best content and give them a sense of what your business is all about.
We make sure to always keep our highlights up to date, especially when we’re launching something new and exciting.
We also created highlights for other features like our downloadable freebies, content planning, analytics, and blog posts.


8.Post More Video on Your Feed

Video is the future of Instagram and a ton of brands are now creating long-form video content for IGTV and their feed to drive real business results.
IGTV is super-immersive and, thanks to some recent changes, more closely connected to Instagram so it’s easy to align your Instagram audience with your IGTV content.
Plus, video content tends to get more traction on your feed — more engagement and eyes on your video posts could result in more followers!
Thanks to the new IGTV preview feature for the grid, it’s even easier to double-up your efforts and make the most of your video content.


9.Share More Selfies (Yes, Really)

There’s no denying that Instagram is still a very social place. And people want to follow accounts that they can relate to, regardless of whether that’s a brand, influencer or person they went to high school with.
So it’s important to make your Instagram account as personable and relate-able as possible, and really show off what your business and brand is all about if you want to get more Instagram followers.
This all tied back to 2020’s biggest trend — authentic content! Plus, did you know that photos with faces get 38% more likes on Instagram?


10. Collaborate With Awesome Brands

The power of a collaboration or a co-marketing campaign for your business is huge!
Teaming up with like-minded and complimentary business and brands will introduce your profile to a new and engaged audience you may never have reached before.
So when an Instagram user discovers your profile through a co-marketing effort, they’re likely to hit that follow button if they have similar interests or are the right demographic for your brand.
Plus, co-marketing campaigns don’t have to be complicated or costly! What’s more important is who you partner with. You want to make sure that you have a mutually beneficial partnership and that both your audiences will benefit from your collaboration efforts.


One thing my Instagram does differently than other accounts is I really try and give followers insight into my real life. While a lot of my content is sponsored, I really try to posts real, quality posts as well to help my followers get to know me better and give them the content they are asking to see. A lot of bloggers get caught up in the business aspect and while a blog is a business, it is important to not lose your authenticity and to stay real with your followers.
Just by injecting a little element of fun into your day-to-day content can do wonders in converting your audience into loyal followers!

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