In scary and unprecedented times, one thing that can bring us all together is comedy. Who doesn’t love some good knock-knock-jokes? People surely like to love these one liners, smart jokes, and punny jokes.Here are all the memes, jokes, and social media posts from around the world we're laughing at now.

1. The World Health Organization has declared that dogs cannot transmit Coronavirus, and there is no reason to quarantine dogs anymore.

2. A lady's man goes to the doctor because he's been sick. After running several tests, the doctor tells the man, "I'm sorry, sir, but you have HAGS." "HAGS? What is that?" asks the startled man."Herpes, AIDS, gonorrhea, and syphilis," replied the doctor. "What can you do for me, doc? Please, help me!" pleaded the man. "First, we have to quarantine you. Then, we put you on the HAGS diet," said the doctor. "What's the HAGS diet?" "Pancakes and pizza," the doctor answered."Why pancakes and pizza?" the man asked. The doctor told him, "Those are the only two foods we can kick under the door."

3. Due to social distance guidelines, i will no longer to hand shaking or hugging.In Lieu of these, you may kneel or bow (from a safe distance). you are welcome!


4. WHO - congratulating nepal for 0 corona cases. NEPAL Govt. - has not done a single corona test.

5. I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.

6. quarantine made me realize, why my dog get so excited about something moving. I just barked a squirrel.

7. If there’s a baby boom nine months from now, what will happen in 2033? There will be a whole bunch of quaranteens.

8. I’ll tell you a coronavirus joke now, but you’ll have to wait two weeks to see if you got it.


9. Let's not forget that Rapunzel was quarantined and met her future husband. so let's think postively here.

10. You can save the entire human race by spending the whole day doing nothing. This opportunity won't come again. So, Stay home...!!


11. Why do scientists recommend social distancing? Because they don't want to SPREAD themselves too thin!

12. What's the best way to avoid touching your face? A good old-fashioned faceplant into a bowl of chips!

13.Why did the scarecrow win an award during quarantine? Because he was outstanding in his field of isolation!

14. How do you organize a space party during quarantine? You PLANET!

15. What's the hardest part about homeschooling your pet? Trying to explain to them that sitting on the keyboard doesn't count as participation!

16. Why did the math book look so sad during quarantine? Because it had too many problems!

17. What's the secret to a successful Zoom meeting? Making sure you're wearing pants... at least from the waist down!

18.Why did the tomato turn red during quarantine? It saw the salad dressing!

19. How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie in it and watch it disco from the box!

20.Why did the bicycle fall over during quarantine? It was two-tired of staying at home!

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